We are specialists in alloy wheel refurbishment and work with all wheel brands and styles including mainstream, classic and performance cars.  We have a fully stocked and equipped repair shop based in Aylesham, Kent.With our perfected process we fully repair scuffed, bent, corroded and scratched alloy wheels, bringing them back to “good as new” quality.

At ASP we offer a range of services to refurbish your alloy wheels, including: welding, straightening, diamond cut wheels, general reruns, colour changes and more..

Our experience covers everything from high performance supercars to more mainstream models.

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Alloy wheel repairs

The wheels on our vehicles are affected by impacts almost daily, the rims can become bent by knocks and holes in the road, requiring straining to put them right.

No matter the condition of your wheels, we can typically bring them back to their original factory finish. Or if you would prefer we can refinish your wheels for a new look:


Alloy wheel polishing

Does your alloy wheel look dull and tarnished? We can restore its original appeal with a full polish and gleaming shine!


Diamond cut wheel service

Diamond cutting refurbishment for your alloy wheels provides you with a superior shine, normally found only on high-end and expensive cars.  Diamond cutting involves creating thin grooves in the alloy wheel for a high shine finish. The result can be dramatic, providing an aesthetic look that significantly changes the style of your alloy wheels.

We have an in house machine that allows us to diamond cut almost any alloy wheel, for a little more than a painted alloy.


Alloy Wheel Colour Changes

Changing the colour of your alloy wheels is a simple but powerful way to change the look of your vehicle.  Paint your alloy wheels black, white, gold or almost any colour you choose!


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